1. Eternal Dreams
    Devaloop & Ryler Smith

  2. Nove Midén
    Jules Hiero & Antonio Neves

  3. Tremendous Aron
    Tremendous Aron

  4. Corner Of My Block
    Devaloop & Phil Tyler

  5. Irgendwas Stimmt (Instrumentals)
    MC Rene

  6. Keep It Real (Cuts by Luk The Dude)
    Phil Tyler & Classic Der Dicke

  7. Grundsätze II
    Der Buttler

  8. Für Immer
    Lupara Versato

  9. From The Top Of The Stack (Figub Brazlevic Remix)

  10. Irgendwas Stimmt
    MC Rene

  11. Handicap
    Figub Brazlevic & Lupara Versato

  12. Honey Trap (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime)
    Jules Hiero

  13. Booth Brothers & Sisters 1-10
    Figub Brazlevič

  14. Seven Mills
    Dope Est Dope, Figub Brazlevic, Radsch, Aylin & Babé Sila

  15. Jazz Bei Nacht
    Figub Brazlevic & Lupara Versato

  16. Product Of The Boroughs
    KOE The Flavekid

  17. 2020 Resolution
    Kromanteng & Raz-One

  18. Lovely

  19. Mos Def (Figub Brazlevic Remix)
    Laas Unltd

  20. 16 Step Utopia

  21. Button Pusher Vol.1

  22. The Glow
    Chinch 33

  23. Moabit: From Ghettos To Galaxies
    Figub Brazlevič

  24. Grundsätze I
    Der Buttler & Figub Brazlevic

  25. Razmatazz

  26. Off Top Pt. 2

  27. Kaseta De Ouf
    Figub Brazlevič

  28. Honey Trap
    Jules Hiero

  29. Pandora

  30. Erdenmann
    Terra Pete

  31. For Loyalty
    Arletis x Figub Brazlevic

  32. Let's Grind ft. MC CheeK
    Figub Brazlevič

  33. Analog Slang

  34. Kodex [Remix] (feat. Olexesh, Plusmacher & Tesla Alset)
    Figub Brazlevič

  35. Back To The Boom (Instrumentals)
    Man Of Booom

  36. Suno

  37. Slice Of Paradise
    Klaus Layer x Figub Brazlevič

  38. The Hour of Death (feat. SPNDA, Relentless & Reks)

  39. East-West Sessions Ft. DJ Robert Smith
    Figub Brazlevič

  40. Sounds From Manitaria

  41. 4x4 Palestine Jeep Beats
    Figub Brazlevič

  42. HTN - Off Top (EP)

  43. Lakmann - ADSDP (RMX)

  44. Bambooyeah
    Terra Pete

  45. Ego & Soul
    Christmaz x Figub Brazlevic

  46. Ego & Soul (Instrumentals)
    Christmaz x Figub Brazlevic

  47. Chinch 33 - Echoes
    Chinch 33

  48. Audiodope 3

  49. Naturgesetz (EP)
    Alphonzo x Figub Brazlevic

  50. Train Yards (EP)
    Figub Brazlevič

  51. Keats Vol.1
    Figub Brazlevič

  52. Kick Snare Flava
    Figub Brazlevič

  53. Arztnei & Starkbier ft. Karate Andi & John Borno
    Figub Brazlevič

  54. Dynasty - Star And The Sky feat. Skyzoo (Figub Brazlevič Remix) 7"
    Figub Brazlevič

  55. Peace'n'Love To All Ft. Madame Fleur
    Figub Brazlevič

  56. Back To The Boom LP
    Man Of Booom (JuJu Rogers, Teknical Development.IS, Figub Brazlevič)

  57. Crooklyn Dodgers (Special Ed, Masta Ace & Buckshot) - Crooklyn (Figub Brazlevič Remix)
    Crooklyn Dodgers

  58. Teknical Development - Ghost In The Shell (Figub Brazlevič Remix 2)
    Figub Brazlevič

  59. Wisse Wisse
    Funkverteidiger & die dudes

  60. A (Loop) Tribute To Summer Madness
    Figub Brazlevič

  61. Audiodope 2

  62. iyeah 2 ft. Teknical Development
    Figub Brazlevič

  63. Main Moe - Rap In Berlin ft. DJ Hypercutz
    Figub Brazlevič

  64. Über Wasser Halten Instrumental (Figub Brazlevič Remix)
    Celo & Abdi

  65. Figub&Fidelity&Juke&Imun - The Remixes
    Juke & Imun

  66. Oldschool Future LP
    Figub Brazlevič

  67. Figub Brazlevič - Marvelous
    Figub Brazlevič

  68. Audiodope 1

  69. GodBlessComputers - Metal Bajji (Figub Brazlevič Remix)
    Figub Brazlevič

  70. Inner City Tribe
    Figub Brazlevič

  71. Madvillain - THE TINHAT OPERA (RMX)

  72. Oldschool Future (Single)
    Figub Brazlevič

  73. Scienz Of Life - Break The Spell (Figub Brazlevič Remix)
    Scienz Of Life

  74. Words feat. Teknical Development
    Figub Brazlevič

  75. A Planet Out Of Control
    Figub Brazlevič

  76. Schlangen sind giftig (Figub Brazlevic Remix)
    Stieber Twins

  77. iyeah
    Figub Brazlevič

  78. Figub Brazlevič - Tonight feat. Fleur & Mumpizz
    Madame Monsieur

  79. Scienz Of Life - The Potential Rmx
    Figub Brazlevič

  80. Mjesec EP
    Figub Brazlevič

  81. Yo!
    Figub Brazlevič

  82. Unbeatable Vol. 1
    Figub Brazlevič


Krekpek Records Berlin, Germany

Krekpek Records founded 2015 by Figub Brazlevic and Benne Basquiat.

The Krekpek crew has different backgrounds which melt into each other. Krekpek maintains a high standard in its developing of ideas.
It cooperates between producers and artists and brings them together to realize ideas in music and graphics.

Since 2011 | Kreʞрek Records
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