Krekpek Highest Quality Papers

from Krekpek Records

Krekpek Highest Quality Papers
(1 Booklet sind 32 Papers und 32 Tips)
For bigger orders write a mail to

For relaxed rolling at home or urban areas.
Only avaible at your local dealer. Orginal with the KP sign.
Recommended by Dealers | Proven and tested in Berlin
Parks. Efficient and useable for tetrahydrocannabinol.

Warning: For Profesionell Use Only 
Keep away from Children.

Sold Out


Krekpek Records Berlin, Germany

The Krekpek crew has different backgrounds which melt into each other. Krekpek maintains a high standard in its developing of ideas.
It cooperates between producers and artists and bring them together to realize ideas in music and graphics.

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