1. Koolade
    Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Teknical Development.IS
    London, UK
  3. Figub Brazlevič
    Berlin, Germany
  4. MC Rene
    Cologne, Germany
  5. Klaus Layer
    Berlin, Germany
  6. DJ Haitian Star
    Chicago, Illinois
  7. Classic der Dicke
    TG, Switzerland
  8. Terra Pete
    Berlin, Germany
  9. BlabberMouf
  10. Devaloop
    Vienna, Austria
  11. Skeptika
    Vienna, Austria
  12. KOE The Flavekid
    Berlin, Germany
  13. HTN
    Hamburg, Germany
  14. Raz-One
    Berlin, Germany
  15. Duuq
    Münster, Germany
  16. Kromanteng
    Miami Beach, Florida
  17. Lai Raw
    Berlin, Germany
  18. Der Buttler
    Berlin, Germany
  19. Lupara Versato
    Berlin, Germany
  20. Alphonzo
    Dresden, Germany
  21. Fadi Ammous
  22. Radsch
    Überlingen, Germany
  23. Chinch 33
    Hamburg, Germany
  24. Dope est Dope
    Berlin, Germany


Krekpek Records Berlin, Germany

Krekpek Records founded 2015 by Figub Brazlevic and Benne Basquiat.

The Krekpek crew has different backgrounds which melt into each other. Krekpek maintains a high standard in its developing of ideas.
It cooperates between producers and artists and brings them together to realize ideas in music and graphics.

Since 2011 | Kreʞрek Records
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